Service Learning (SL) is a specially designed learning experience in which students combine reflection with structured participation in community-based projects to achieve specified learning outcomes as part of an academic course and/or program requirement. By participating in academic community partnerships at the local, national, or international level, students gain a richer mastery of course content, enhance their sense of civic responsibility, and ultimately develop a more integrated approach to understanding the relationship between theory, practice, ideas, values, and community.

From this definition, the goals of SL should include: (1) Giving students and enhanced academic experience, that is, to provide an experience that will deepen and broaden their abilities to learn to and to think critically about the academic content of a course; (2) Giving students an opportunity to enhance their sense of civic responsibility; (3) Working in partnerships with community members on behalf of the well-being of our city.

Please answer the following questions. In cases where you are unable to certify a component, please provide additional explanation in the designated questions below.

* 1. Faculty Name (Last Name, First Name):

* 2. College:

* 3. Course Title:

* 4. Course Number (i.e. ENGL102):

* 5. Course Section Number:

* 6. This service learning course is offered in the following quarter(s). You may check more than one.

* 7. Briefly describe the students' service learning project:

* 8. Have you designed the course syllabus to define learning outcomes that link disciplinary content to service learning approaches?

* 9. Have you defined the outcomes & benefits for the community partners and explained these to the partners?

* 10. Have you defined and addressed any applicable risk-management concerns?

* 11. Does the course provide reflection for the students as part of the course assignments to connect the theory and practice that emerges from the disciplinary framework of the course?

* 12. Have you determined that the community partners connected to the service-learning activities for this course are ready and committed this project?

* 13. Will you utilize university provided assessment tools to assess student learning and community impact?

Thank you for certifying your service learning course! If you have questions, please contact Michael Sharp, Associate Director of Academic & Community Partnerships at 513-556-1533 or