"The Language of God" Book Club

* 1. Which describes your primary use of the book club discussion questions?

* 2. Which statement best describes your level of involvement with the online discussion of the book club?

* 3. How would the following proposed changes impact your involvement in the online discussion?

  Increase participation No Impact Decrease participation
Changing the online discussion to a live chat format.
Moving the online discussion to its own page on the BioLogos website.
Holding online discussions as Google Hangouts.
Moving the online discussion to Facebook.

* 4. How helpful were the following book club components?

  Extremely helpful Somewhat helpful Not helpful at all
Discussion questions
Supplemental materials
Online discussions
Overall book club experience

* 5. How have your views been impacted by this book club? (Optional)

* 6. What books would you like to see in future book clubs?

* 7. Check any that describe you:

* 8. In what country do you currently reside?

* 9. What city do you currently live in?

* 10. How long have you been familiar with BioLogos?

* 12. Which category below includes your age?