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* 1. Sexy bartender Sam Malone (CHEERS) versus dapper detective David Addison (MOONLIGHTING). The real question is: Who has better hair?

* 2. Passive-aggressive, self-possessed waif fight!!! Ally McBeal (ALLY MCBEAL) and Meredith Grey (GREY'S ANATOMY) battle to the death to decide who's the bigger martyr. Who wins?

* 3. This one just cracks me up. Anthony Bouvier (DESIGNING WOMEN) and Kenneth Parcell (30 ROCK) have a mocha frappuccino fight to "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go." Who explodes in a gassy fireball?

* 4. DJ Tanner (FULL HOUSE) and Carol Seaver (GROWING PAINS) compete to see who can narc faster on the kids who snuck beer into prom. Who wins?

* 5. This one's gonna get ugly. Bud Bundy (MARRIED WITH CHILDREN) versus Wayne Arnold (THE WONDER YEARS). Verdict?

* 6. Get your freak on. Angela Chase (MY SO-CALLED LIFE) versus Lindsay Weir (FREAKS AND GEEKS). In my perfect, imaginary TV show with all my favorite characters, these two are BFFs, but for the sake of argument, who wins?

* 7. Balki Bartokomous (PERFECT STRANGERS) versus Mork (MORK & MINDY). Who lives to dance the Dance of Joy another day?

* 8. Badass moms Carmela Soprano (THE SOPRANOS) and Nancy Botwin (WEEDS) duke it out. Who is the queen of MILF Island?

* 9. This is probably illegal in some states, but Rudy Huxtable (THE COSBY SHOW) versus Stephanie Tanner (FULL HOUSE).

* 10. Let's bring this home with an epic one. Know-it-all high school Peter Pan Zack Morris (SAVED BY THE BELL) versus supposedly infallible Parker Lewis (PARKER LEWIS CAN'T LOSE). So... can Parker lose?