* 1. How would you rate Allison Watson’s job performance over 7 years as Microsoft’s worldwide channel chief?

  Very good Good OK Poor Very Poor

* 2. Do you agree with Microsoft management’s assessment that it was time for new leadership?

* 3. Microsoft named Jonathan Roskill to take over the role. What’s your impression of Roskill?

* 4. With new leadership coming in, what would you like Microsoft to do about the Microsoft Partner Network changes scheduled to go fully live in October?

* 5. What should Roskill do about the size of the Microsoft channel, which has about 600,000 partners?

* 6. Where should Microsoft place its efforts and investments?

* 7. What should Microsoft do to help its partners succeed in the cloud?

* 8. What should Jonathan Roskill's top priorities be as the head of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group?

* 9. Can we contact you with follow-up questions about your answers?

* 10. The following information will only be used to contact you if you win a T-shirt or for more information about your answers to this specific survey (and then only if you selected 'Yes' in the question above).