HMIS New User Quiz – Part 3 Basic Data Entry

All new users must complete and submit a screen shot of completed quiz results along (with a grade of 80% or higher) with a signed User Agreement, and completed User Access Request signed by a Manager to Kelli Clark

* 1. True or False: Additional household members must have an admissions processed within AWARDS

* 2. When must annual updates be completed?

* 3. Who can view progress notes for a client?

* 4. True or False: The Household Start Date must be the same date as the Admission/Project Entry Date.

* 5. Ava Cado has a baby while already enrolled in a Permanent Housing project. How does the AWARDS user process an admission for the baby?

* 6. Where is Disabling Condition information updated in AWARDS

* 7. True or False: When discharging the Head of Household the AWARDS user must either discharge the additional household members along with the HOH or Designate a new HOH prior to processing the discharge

* 8. How can an AWARDS user clone a client's basic demographic data from another program admission record into a new program admission record?

* 9. True or False: If a client is entered into a program in error the AWARDS user should just discharge the client and enter them into the correct program

* 10. How can an AWARDS user check on program data quality?