Share your thoughts on the future of NATPE

Many have suggested changes to the NATPE show's format, location and content. Raise your voice in this poll and share your thoughts on the future of the event.

* Are you going to the NATPE convention this year?

* If you answered "yes" above, what is the probability this will be your last NATPE?

* What city would be the best location for the NATPE convention?

* If you selected "Other," what location do you suggest?

* A NATPE convention held in which month would be most useful to you?

* Does the NATPE convention need a show floor?

* What alternatives to a show floor with booths would be a useful structure for the NATPE convention?

* If NATPE didn't hold its annual convention, do you think another content-related show would appear to take its place?

* Should the National Association of Television Program Executives change its name to reflect the new kinds of content producers and purchasers it represents? If so, what name do you suggest?

* If the NATPE show currently doesn't work for you, why doesn't it?