I wrote my eBook to help people.

I’d like to help as many people as possible.

To help me do that I’d really like to hear your feedback.

Your feedback will help me shape future updates to the ebook and it will also help other people decide if this book can help them.

Your input is really appreciated. Thank you!

Lloyd Burrell

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* 1. In the box below please explain any criticisms you have of my book, things you thought could have been done better or things that you would like to see included.

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* 2. In the box below please say what you liked about my eBook. If you really liked my book here is your chance to say so! (N.B. please only include in this section what you liked about my book - put any questions or comments in the previous box and please be as detailed as you like.)

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* 3. Please leave your name below - without your name I can't use your feedback on ElectricSense. (If you're not happy using your name you can use a pseudonym - this will be mentioned on the site next to your testimonial).

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* 4. Please leave your location (town and country) below.

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