Share your thoughts with me, Hilary Jacobson :)

Over many years, I've outlined and begun writing many books - interrupted unfortunately by bouts of Lyme disease. I would dearly like to get some or all of them published, and it will help me prioritize if you tell me which ones intrigue you the most, and which ones you would purchase for yourself or to gift to a new mother.
One star: does not interest me.
Two stars: slight interest.
Three stars: I would want to "read inside the book" but not more.
Four stars: I find this intriguing and I might buy it.
Five stars: I would definitely buy this.
Thank you for your time! 

* 1. Low Milk Supply as the Canary in the Coal Mine - doctors from the 1800s and early 1900s recognized some of the obvious and also obscure reasons that mothers experienced actual biological problems producing milk. One professor saw low milk supply as indicative of a larger cultural trend toward a decrease in overall health. Would you like to learn about these discoveries, how they have been validated by today's research, and what this indicates -- for if we are truly aiming to become a breastfeeding-friendly society, shouldn't we be reversing the causes of the metabolic problems mothers face producing a milk supply?

* 2. GALACTAGOGUES and GODDESSES. This may be a little "woo" for some... From around the world, herbal galactagogues figure in mythology, especially in the mother goddess cults and religious iconography. Galactagogues, while they can induce a milk flow, also frequently have a sedating property, and are also aphrodisiacs. I would wager we can discover interweaving multileveled concepts here that could be juicily unraveled and that may help us understand ourselves as a species and as women in new ways. I would love to tell this wondrous tale -- but can only do so if there is actual interest that would translate into purchases of the book :)

* 3. The ULTIMATE GALACTAGOGUE  -- It seems that from the time western doctors first discovered that some foods and plants actually do support lactation, we have been on the search for the magic bullet, the technique, medicine, method or herbal galactagogue that works for all women. Some Ultimate Galactagogues, once celebrated, are now forgotten, some have become inaccessible and others are accessible -- are on our market shelf -- but today are unknown. The quest for the ultimate galactagogue, what that quest says about us as a culture, and how we can practically use the actual galactagogues available to us in down-to-earth ways is the subject of this book.  REMEMBER the stars are for how likely you would be to actually purchase or read the book.

* 4. A New Edition of Mother Food - my twelve year old compendium, called a classic by some, that describes the use of foods and herbs and spices to support milk production, reduce colic, GERD and allergies, support mothers in their mood, health and weight loss goals. This would be a huge project, and I would need help -- experts in different areas and mothers, too, willing to step up and contribute their knowledge and experience, and possibly to write sections or chapters of the book. You see, today, so much more is known about each of these subjects. The challenge is to put complex and relatively unknown information (though many of us do know it well) into terms that are easy for new mothers to understand and absorb. And if that sounds challenging or impossible, think of how I felt, slaving over each word of Mother Food for many years. So my question here is would you like to see a new compendium that involves a partnering of several experts and would you purchase it?

* 5. A lactogenic diet handbook -- for healthcare providers but also interested mothers. This handbook would provide simple, concise information, lists, recipes and remedies for common postpartum problems. 

* 6. A Garden of Galactagogues  -- This one is almost complete. Would you like to know which garden plants and "weeds" you can grow in a sunny garden spot to support your milk supply, just as farmer's wives did over the many centuries in Europe?

* 7. A Collection of Lactogenic Beverages, traditional and modern. This one is mostly complete. For many mothers, drinking nutritional lactation-supporting beverages is the most convenient way to get nutrients and lactation supporting foods and herbs.

* 8. A collection of EASY lactogenic recipes that are gluten free and casein free, along with anecdotes and suggestions from mothers who eat this way.

* 9. A collection of recipes from different ethnic traditions that live here in the United States. 

* 10. This is an anonymous survey. If you would like to contact me - and I hope you do - put your contact details into the comment box just below, and a few words about your subject, and let me know if you are a mom or healthcare provider, or both. You can also PM me on facebook, I'll keep a look-out for new messages. THANK YOU so much for your time and interest. - Hilary Jacobson