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Hi Builders,

Sorry to keep you on tenterhooks, but I wanted to let you know that we hope to be able to make a formal announcement about BattleBots Season 4 in a couple of weeks. We’re just finalizing things with Discovery and our distributors. We hope to be able to make the show in Long Beach again, in the Spring. Thanks so much to those who’ve written to Discovery urging them to renew - the #wewantseason4 campaign has been really helpful so far - keep it going.

Meanwhile we're getting loads of emails and posts from people desperate for us to feature other weight classes and events. I’m guessing this may be because of the cancelation of RoboGames. We’re sorry to see them go and their absence leaves a big void - but maybe an opportunity. So here’s a thought:

If so many of you really do want us to extend the range of BattleBots beyond the current heavyweight tournament, how about we throw open our arena after we’ve finished filming the next season (sometime towards the end of April/early May) and hold The Bot Games. This could consist of robot combat at different weights to BattleBots, but also other non-combat events — perhaps not as wide a selection as Robogames, but we have a huge venue, and it would make a great space for these other kinds of competitions.

We have some experience at doing this - our EP Tom Gutteridge not only created and produced the Robot Wars TV format, but also (in response to requests from the UK educational community) created and produced TechnoGames for the BBC (2000-2003), which held its finals in the huge Millennium Dome in London and had events from robot soccer, high jump, swimming, gymnastics, climbing, sumo, speed and obstacle trials. It was, in many ways, the predecessor of Robogames. However, we know that many of you have more experience than we all do in organizing and taking part in these kind of events, and so, if we attempt to stage them, we would need your help.

Obviously we need competitors - if you want to build, compete and/or help organize then please fill out the survey below. We’re not saying this is achievable, but it would be great to gauge interest at this stage, so that as we’re planning Battlebots Season 4, we can keep it in mind. If there’s enough interest from both builders and helpers, and if it’s logistically possible, we’d love to do it.

By the way, we did reach out to RoboGames, but they were not interested. So it looks like The Bot Games may be a solution for us all. Let us know what you think.

In the meantime, best wishes - and Happy Holidays to all of you,

Trey Roski
BattleBots, Inc.

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