Informed Consent Form

Title of Project: Career Motivation of U.S.Born and Foreign-Born Faculty in the United States

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kyoung Mi Choi, Assistant Professor
Department of Counseling, Special Education and School Psychology


TELEPHONE: (330) 941-3257

Purpose of the Study: To explore possible differences in dimensions of career motivation between U.S. born faculty and foreign-born faculty in the United States. Career motivation is a term used to explain the extent to which people involve themselves in their own career paths and decisions. Three dimensions (career resilience, career insight, and career identity) of career motivation are explored in this study. Differences in career motivation in regard with culture, gender, age, and field of study are the primary focus of this study.

Discomforts and Risks: There are no foreseeable risks to you for participating in this study beyond what would be encountered in normal daily living.

Benefits: Participating in this research will help career development professionals and you by increasing awareness of the diversity of their career decisions and motivation as a whole. There are no foreseeable risks in participating in this study.

Duration/Time: Completing the survey should take about 15 -25 minutes.

Statement of Confidentiality: All of your responses will remain confidential. That is, none of your personally identifiable information such as name will be linked to your individual responses during data analysis or reporting. Please note that your confidentiality will be kept to the degree permitted by the technology used. No guarantees can be made regarding the interception of data sent via the Internet by any third parties. The Office for Research Protections may review records related to this project.

Right to Ask Questions: If you have any questions about this research, you may contact Dr. Kyoung Mi Choi at or (330) 941-7273. This informed consent form was reviewed and approved by the Office for Research Protections (IRB#162-14) at Youngstown State University. If you have questions about your rights as a participant in a research project, you may contact Dr. Edward Orona, Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs at Youngstown State University (330-941-2377).

Voluntary Participation: Your decision to be in this research is voluntary. You can stop at any time. You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to answer. You must be 18 years of age or older to take part in this research study.

Completion and return of the survey implies that you have read the information in this form and consent to take part in the research.

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