What information about your patient will BEST help you assess and treat your patient's Asthma/COPD?

* 1. To monitor your patients with occasional or chronic cases of Asthma/COPD - do your rely on office visits and/or phone conversations and/or offsite diagnostic devices?

* 2. What symptom triggers or activities do you watch out for regarding your patient's respiratory condition?

* 3. Is it important to monitor patient's FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, FEF, PEF, inspiratory and expiratory flow volume loop as well as SpO2? Is knowing air quality, barometric pressure and/or air temperature helpful in real-time assessment of a patient's respiratory condition?

* 4. Would it be helpful to receive alerts on your patient's condition automatically and in real-time as and when respiratory symptoms develop?

* 5. Would it be helpful to routinely monitor a patient with chronic or recurring respiratory problems in real-time in between scheduled office visits?

* 6. Should there be a medication reminder and/or to monitor patient's medication compliance?

* 7. What else do you think would be ideal to assess and treat your patient's, in addition to real-time full function spirometry?

* 8. Would it be helpful to receive alerts directly on your cell phone or on your server - when your patient's symptoms become critical?

* 9. Would it be helpful to communicate in real-time with your patient from your cell phone or from your computer when significant problems occur?

* 10. Would a full function shirt-pocket sized device, not requiring calibration or filter, for the patient to simply blow into, with real-time monitoring service, be valuable to you at $10 per month, per patient?