* 1. Please answer the following:

* 3. What changes in the environment did you become aware of during your research and oral history interviews?

* 4. How has the oral history experience changed the way you see, perceive and think about Louisiana’s coastal environment?

* 5. What surprised you the most during this project? Explain

* 6. What was your biggest challenge during the project? Explain

* 7. Describe how you felt before and after the interview.

* 8. How has this experience changed the way you interact with your peers? Adults? How?

* 9. What advice would you give the next set of students who will be doing oral histories as a school project?

* 10. What influence did this project have on your views of Louisiana culture?

* 11. I spent approximately _________ hours transcribing audio during this project.

* 12. Please describe your experiences with transcribing your oral histories. What did you like and dislike, what worked, what did not?

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