The Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII) is committed to creating effective tools to help incorporate philanthropy into everyday living. We hope this Gift Box has been a helpful tool and that your family did hear the Call-to-Action! and gave your time, talent, and treasure for the common good. YPII values and appreciates your feedback because it helps us better prepare for future philanthropists. Thank you for your time and sharing of your experiences.

Please let us know if you have done any of the following in the last three months, as a result of the Gift Box activities.

* 1. In the past three months, did you complete the Family Philanthropy Pledge Card?

* 2. Have you delivered at least two Giving Circle Tokens with an act of serving or giving?

* 3. Have you done at least three of the Gift Box activities (card games, conversation starters, activity cards, graphic novel, etc.)?

* 4. Did you participate in an event to raise money for a cause you support (or have a commitment to do so soon)?

* 5. As a result of the Gift Box have you donated something to an agency, organization, or person in need?

* 6. Have you visited the Family Philanthropy Page on YPII’s website at least one time since receiving your Gift Box?

* 7. Have you used the Monthly Calendar Reminders?

* 8. Have you done a Call-to-Action! as noted on your Monthly Calendar Reminders?

* 9. Have you volunteered at a nonprofit organization at least one time since starting the Gift Box?

* 10. "Our family members have a better understanding of what philanthropy means than they did before receiving this Gift Box."

* 11. "Our family members are more aware of what philanthropy can mean to a community than they were before receiving this Gift Box."

* 12. What was your favorite part of the Gift Box?

* 13. Do you have any additional general comments?