The City of Cloverdale is preparing a long-range master plan to renovate the existing 2nd Street City Park in its current location. The goal is to upgrade the existing park’s amenities, provide new amenities fit for the growing population, bring the park’s accessibility up to standards and improve the overall condition of the park. Improvements will be made over various phases over the next several years. The park design will be sensitive to its spatial and cultural context of the local community. Other considerations are to enhance on-site drainage, address the removal and replacement of diseased/dying trees, and the potential replacement of the existing event building, which is in extremely poor condition. The overarching goal of this survey is to help inform the development of a master plan for the 2nd Street Park.


* 1. In what zip code do you live?

* 2. Do you live in the city limits of Cloverdale?

* 3. If not within the city limits, do you live in the unincorporated (county) area of Cloverdale?

* 4. What is your age?

* 5. How close do you live to Cloverdale’s 2nd Street Park?

* 6. On average how often do you use/visit 2nd Street City Park?

* 7. How do you get to the park?

* 8. How many children do you have/care for?

* 9. If any, what are the ages of the children in the household? (Check all that apply)