Welcome! Survey will take between 20-30 minutes to complete

Dear Students, 
This is an exciting opportunity to participate in the Type 2 Diabetes Risk Pilot Study. The purpose of this study is to identify what risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes are most common among college students at SUNY Oneonta, and to further examine students’ perception of the disease.

First, complete this survey and at the end choose a day and time to come and complete free measurements at 104C or 119 Human Ecology Building. Call or email Dr. Janet Antwi, RD at 786-975-7239/607-436-3724 Or Janet.Antwi@oneonta for any further questions. 

This study also offers credit towards your grade for students who have to participate in some form of research for their course work. You will get 5 credits for the online survey and another 5 credits when you come in to take your measurements.

Please read and sign with your NAME on the consent form on the next page before starting the survey. Your answers will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used only for this research.
Thank you for your participation!