As one of the 17 formal community organizations in the City of Saint Paul, we work to inform residents on local issues, advocate on behalf of neighbors, connect residents with resources and each other, and empower community leadership. We’d like to hear how we’ve impacted you, and learn what you’d like us to focus on in the future.

Union Park is the community bounded by the Mississippi River and Lexington Parkway between Summit and University Avenues. It includes the Desnoyer Park, Snelling-Hamline, Lexington-Hamline, and Merriam Park neighborhoods.

* 1. Before now, had you heard of the Union Park District Council? 

* 2. Have you served on our Board or any of our Committees over the past year?

* 3. Have you attended  a meeting or event hosted by Union Park over the past year?

* 4. Do you receive Union Park's monthly e-newsletter, Neighborhood Matters?

* 5. Have you visited the Union Park website?

* 6. Over the past year, how well did we inform you about events and issues that affect you through our monthly e-newsletter, our website, social media, the Villager, and other sources?

  Very well Well Moderately well Poorly Very poorly
Please choose one

* 7. Over the past year, how well did we strengthen your connections to your neighbors through meetings and events including Committee meetings; the Bastille Day Block Party; Ice Cream, Peanut Butter and Jam in Merriam Park; and others?

  Very well Well  Moderately well  Poorly Very poorly 
Please choose one

* 8. Over the past year, how well do you think Union Park has helped influence City decisions that affect quality of life with recommendations on land use, transportation and housing issues?

  Very well Well Moderately well  Poorly Very poorly
Please choose one

* 9. Over the past year, how well do you think Union Park has promoted projects to improve our neighborhoods?

  Very well  Well  Moderately well  Poorly  Very poorly 
Please choose one 

* 10. Please tell us about a time over the past year or so when you felt the District Council was particularly effective.

* 11. What would you like to see Union Park work on over the next year? 

* 12. Please share any other comments you have about the District Council's work.