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* 1. Select the Ode to Shelfari that is your favorite of the four choices below:


One minute ago
In the land of MySpace
A denizen whispered to me

One minute ago
My spreadsheet transformed
Rosewood shelves to see

One minute ago
I read 50 books then I read 50 more
Then 653

One minute ago
I made a new friend
and then I made two and then I made three

One minute ago
My TBR grew
So many have filled me with glee

One minute ago
Begat one minute ago
Amazon said 5 days to me

One minute ago
We knew it was coming
Denial was no longer to be

One minute ago
I moved to goodreads
It's you, not me


One book
two books
Read book
Next book

This book
Next book?
Print book

This one fits the monthly tag
This one was a major drag
Say! What a lot
Of books there are

Yet, where to put them? And how to sort them?
How to date them? And how to tag them?

Some are sad
And some are rad
And some are very, very bad

Why are they
Sad and glad and bad?
I do not know
Go ask your admin

Some are short
And some are long
The long one has
A 10-page song

From there to here, from here to there
Too many books
No time to spare

Shelfari comes
to save the day
to keep my tbr at bay
starting friendships there to stay

Oh me! Oh my!
Oh me! Oh my!
I do not want
To say goodbye

It’s time to go
Time to move on
All this we owe
To Amazon

What happens next? I cannot say.
But I bet we'll go a long, long way

We’ll miss you now
We’ll shed some tears
But through it all
We stick with peers

Some may leave
But most will stay
To play book tag
Another day


Only it is not
Glitches foretold the sad future
In one minute my rosewood bookshelf will disappear
Though I followed my friends to another space, nothing will ever replace Shelfari


Once upon a January dreary
I learned the news. “Why”? I query
Could Amazon rip Shelfari from our core
There is no cause to treat us so
We’ve come to rely on it, you know
Can it be a rumor, only this and nothing more?

Alas, ‘tis true, and move we must
Shelfari left to gather dust
We sadly close the once welcoming door
But wait! Is there a chance yet
That we can save our groups? Get
Together somewhere else and gather as before?

Ah, to Goodreads we must go
Heave our shelves to and fro
Learn the new language, format, folders. What a chore!
We’ll survive all this and thrive
Can Shelfari every truly die?
Nevermore, quoth Shelfari, Nevermore.

Question Title

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