This survey is for parents and caregivers. 
It will take about 4 minutes to complete.
We plan to use this information to help parents and caregivers like you.
Thank you for participating!

* 1. What is your role when it comes to caring for children?

* 2. How old are your kid(s) or the kids your care for? Check all that apply.

* 3. How many times a week do your children attend events or activities? Include regular scheduled activities.

* 4. How did you find out about these activities or events? Select all that apply.

* 5. List your favorite sources for finding activities. Provide specific groups, boards, places or websites.

* 6. How far ahead do you plan activities for your kid(s)? Select your top two answers.

* 7. Where do these activities take place?

* 8. What types of activities do you look for? Select all that apply.

* 9. Tell us a bit about the technology and social media you use regularly. Select all that apply.

* 10. If you are open to being contacted for a more in depth interview please provide your contact details. Eight parents or caregivers will be contacted. The interview will last approximately 20mins. Thank You!