Should you not be able to make use of your Vacation Credits, WorldMark South Pacific Club has a program* that ensures any Vacation Credits not used on the expiry day can be utilised for the benefit of the Club and Owners. This program* maximises your Credits, giving all Owners more opportunities to holiday across the South Pacific resorts.

If you don’t want your expiring Credits used for this program this anniversary year, you can opt out at any time by completing the below form

* 1. Owner Number

* 2. First Name

* 3. Last Name

* 4. Your Contact Number

*WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham will only utilise Vacation Credits that Owners allow to expire off their accounts. No entitlement to use these Credits will be removed from Owners and their Vacation Credits will continue to renew annually on the first day of the anniversary month of their purchase. Should Owners wish to use their Vacation Credits, they may do so at any time up until they expire on the last day of their anniversary month. Unused expiring Vacation Credits will be optimised and utilised for the ‘Grab it’ program, to be launched in 2013. This program will give all WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners the opportunity to make bookings for heavily discounted accommodation packages at selected WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts.