Four People That Made a Difference

Once a year, we celebrate the brave people who take a stand for the rights of ordinary Americans and strive for change in the face of overwhelming odds. For this year's Justice Served Awards, we focus on the four cases profiled in the blockbuster documentary "Hot Coffee," aired this summer on HBO and due out on DVD in November.

You can read more about each case by returning to the newsletter and clicking on "Read more and vote." You'll also find a summary of our nomination criteria.

Please rank the four cases first to fourth as most deserving of the Justice Served Award and tell us why you voted as you did. Then submit your name and email address for a chance to win a DVD copy of "Hot Coffee!"

* 1. Rank the cases first to fourth on which you think had the most impact on the legal rights and safety of all Americans.

  First Second Third Fourth
Stella Liebeck Sues McDonald's For Scalding Hot Coffee
The Gourleys Take Damage Cap Challenge to state Supreme Court
Oliver Diaz Defends Integrity of Judicial System
Jamie Leigh Jones' Fights for Her Day In Court

* 2. Now tell us more about why you voted the way you did:

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