Fr. James Carter, S.J., president emeritus of Loyola University New Orleans and Gerald N. Gaston Distinguished Professor in Religion & Science, is the longest tenured president of the university having served for 21 years. Fr. Carter first came to the university as a student in 1944. He returned in 1960 to teach physics as an instructor, later becoming an assistant and associate professor of physics. He was appointed provost and academic vice president in 1970, and in 1974 was named the 14th president of the university. During his 45- year-and-counting career at Loyola, Fr. Carter has distinguished himself as a theologian, scientist, scholar and civic leader.

This award recognizes a graduating senior who best exemplifies the qualities and attributes associated with leadership and learning in the Jesuit tradition and support of Loyola’s mission. The recipient is recognized for exemplary leadership, outstanding service and consistent commitment to the life of the university. Throughout her/his tenure at Loyola, the recipient has served: as an inspirational leader, instilling confidence in others; as a unifying force between individuals and groups; fellow students by demonstrating compassion and self-sacrifice in order to benefit the Loyola and local communities; as a unifying force between individuals and groups.

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