Dear Hall Community

We would appreciate your feedback.  This survey has only 5 quick questions and your response will be confidential.

The Hall Honeys, in collaboration with Hall residents, Hall Rotary, Hall Land Care, VHDPA, Hall Men’s Shed and the Hall Traders are working to enhance the gardens in Hall Village to the benefit of pollinators and people.  

We have received a ‘Community Environment Program’ grant of $15,000 to establish gardens in Victoria St. This will likely not be sufficient to implement all the gardens proposed but once we have an overall plan that is acceptable to the community and the ACT Government we will implement in stages as funding permits. 

We are now seeking Hall Community feedback on the "Concept Design" for the gardens which has been developed by a professional landscape designer.  Community feedback will be incorporated in a final design which will be subject to further community consultation.

We suggest that you take a few minutes to look at the Concept Design.  You can view it here:  Concept

Community participants, local businesses and volunteers, including members of the” Hall Honeys” and the Hall Men’s Shed, will be engaged in the construction, installation and on-going maintenance of the gardens.

This project complements a number of other initiatives to establish Hall as “Australia’s first Bee Friendly Community”.

We hope that these efforts will inspire other communities to implement the “Bee Friendly Community Charter” that we have developed in association with ACT for Bees.

Jonathan Palmer & Leigh Crocker
Project Managers, Hall Village Community Environment Program Grant

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* 1. Are you a resident of Hall (Postcode 2618 area) or a Hall business owner/ employee?

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* 2. The Project

The project will establish attractive 'Bee Friendly' gardens and signage to improve habitat for pollinators in Hall Village and promote the health of bees to our community and visitors. These gardens will make the main street more attractive to residents and visitors and enhance the heritage character of the Village.

The design of Victoria Street gardens will be consistent with the Hall Precinct Code, ACT government regulations and bush fire hazard reduction requirements.

Are you in favour of establishing more gardens in Victoria St to enhance the street appeal, provide habitat for pollinators, and promote awareness of "Bee Friendly Hall"?

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* 3. Plant selection

Two themes are proposed for consideration:  "Native Only" and "Native and Exotic".

The native planting theme provides a mixed colour range of native flowering plants. There is variety provided in the forms of the plants, colours and seasonal flowering to provide ecological support throughout the year.

The mixed planting theme provides seasonal flowering though out the year. There is a mix of hardy native and exotic species suited to the Canberra climate. This pallet has a white, blue and purple colour theme to enhance the attraction of flowers for native bees and insect species.

You can view details of the proposed plants here: Concept

What is your preference?

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* 4. Garden Edging

Where Garden edging is required, which do you prefer?

(click on an image to select)

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* 5. Do you have any comments, suggestions or feedback you would like us to consider?

Any suggestions or concerns you have will be considered and used as input to the detailed design.