About #GardenComm2021 Education Session Proposals

GardenComm is seeking proposals for monthly webinars as well as breakout and round table sessions for the 2021 GardenComm Annual Conference and Expo. We invite proposals focused on business, horticulture, photography, publishing, social media, speaking, sustainability and writing that:
  • Reflect innovation and cutting edge content
  • Target either new, mid-career, or seasoned professionals
  • Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement
  • Provide diverse approaches for different types of learners
  • Present evidence based on or supported by research
  • Use multimedia approaches to enhance attendee learning
  • Explore issues important to national audiences
The 2021 GardenComm Annual Conference and Expo is an inclusive opportunity for all current and future GardenComm members to engage in exceptional formal and informal learning experiences that support career development, increase individual productivity, and provide innovative insights and solutions to industry challenges. The monthly webinar series offers continuing education throughout the year without the need for travel.

We anticipate sending acceptance notifications for the 2021 GardenComm Annual Conference and Expo sessions in March 2021. Webinar speakers are scheduled throughout the year. Upon acceptance, speakers will be asked to sign a speaker agreement. As a token of thanks, GardenComm will provide a $200 honorarium for all virtual programs. Conference presenters will receive a complimentary registration for the day of their presentation and may choose one of the following options:
  • Complimentary GardenComm membership for the following year
  • Complimentary registration for the entire 2020 conference
  • An honorarium of $200 for solo presentations, $125 per 2-person panel participant, or $75 per 3-person panel participant
Please Note:  Due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid 19, GardenComm has made the difficult decision to not hold the 2021 GardenComm Annual Conference and Expo in-person. However, the conference is switching to a virtual format. By making this decision earlier than last year it will give GardenComm time to plan a more robust virtual offering. So, we hope you will consider submitting an application for either a stand-alone webinar, virtual conference education session or a conference round table option. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing everyone virtually and welcome the day we can again gather safely in person!