Group CoC Questionnaire

The Group Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certification policy (FSC-POL-40-002) was established in July 2002 for the purpose of making certification more accessible to small operations for which individual CoC certification may be too costly. The policy underwent a revision in September 2004. FSC International Center (FSC-IC) is currently managing the revision process of this policy with the goal of providing greater clarity in the requirements to ensure consistent application while allowing access to FSC certification for small organizations. The Group CoC Technical Working Group expects to complete the first revision so the first draft will be available for public stakeholder consultation by the end of 2011.

The perspectives of US-based members, certificate holders and other stakeholders are an important component of the revision process. FSC-US is conducting this questionnaire to learn, directly from you, how Group CoC is working in the US and to solicit your recommendations for needed improvements to the policy.

FSC is particularly interested in input from US-based stakeholders on the current Group CoC Eligibility Requirements*. As you know, these requirements were largely developed from the recommendations of a US-based Technical Group and are tailored to the US.

Please take a few moments to complete this brief questionnaire by December 31st, 2011.

* The group eligibility requirement for US organizations is now $5 Million USD in all wood product sales instead of the global group eligibility requirements, which are:
i. Have no more than 15 employees (including full time, part time, and seasonal staff), OR
ii. Have no more than 25 employees and an annual turnover of US$1,000,000.
Turnover is defined as total annual revenue from goods and services.

* 1. Please enter your contact information.

* 2. FSC-US is reviewing multiple aspects of the Group CoC policy including accessibility and system integrity. The FSC US CoC Group Eligibility Requirements define small companies as organizations with annual revenue of $5 Million (or less) USD in gross annual sales of all wood products. Do you agree the FSC-US definition of a small company is sufficient to make certification more accessible to small companies in the US?