Pennsylvania nonprofits are partners of the Commonwealth in providing services that the state is mandated to provide. As such, we leverage a collective strength that we would be wise to collectively tap into. Here are a few facts that shape the Pennsylvania environment:

  • In FY 2011-12, many health and human services budgets were cut by 10%.
  • Where funding was not cut, funding was flat and appropriations did not keep pace with inflation--meaning that flat funding was actually a cut to service provision.
  • Many organizations providing mandated services must supplement their government contracts/grants with dollars raised through fundraising efforts to provide the mandated services.
  • In 2015, Pennsylvania nonprofits estimated an 87% increase in demand for services over the course of the year
  • In December 2016, the US Department of Labor's new overtime regulations will go into effect which will also increase the cost of doing business.
To adequately meet the needs of the Commonwealth's health and human services partners, new revenue must be generated.  PANO is interested in learning what increases in existing or new lines of revenue our members would support--as that will help us to collectively advocate for adequate support for your programs.

Please know that participating in this survey does not obligate you or your organization in any way. One survey question asks if you are open to having your organization's name included in the list of those who do support specific tax increases. As we move forward, we will ask for those who can publicly support various initiatives.  Thus, as you generate board support, you can join in when it makes the most sense for you.