* 1. How did you hear about EssenMED House Calls?

* 2. When I call EssenMED House Calls, I am never left waiting too long to speak with a representative

* 3. During my initial call to intake, House Calls services were explained thoroughly and all my concerns regarding these services and insurance issues were addressed.

* 4. After my initial call, I did not have to wait a long time to get an appointment

* 5. The scheduling department scheduled my appointment promptly and during a time of my convenience.

* 6. When my provider visits, I am always aware because I get reminder calls.

* 7. Whenever my appointments were cancelled or rescheduled, I was notified in a timely manner.

* 8. I was notified of all provider changes when/if they occurred

* 9. I was accommodated when requesting specific times to be seen

* 10. Visiting providers were on time and attentive during appointments.

* 11. I felt comfortable during house calls and was clear that the provider did everything they could to meet my medical needs

* 12. The questions asked during follow-up calls made me feel comfortable that all of my RX/Referrals/supplies are up to date or my requests will be facilitated to ensure my medical needs are being met.

* 13. I was satisfied with my house calls experience

* 14. I would recommend this service to others I feel can benefit from care in the comfort of their own home

* 15. Do you feel that EssenMED House Calls can do more to assist homebound patients? If so, please list any suggestions

* 16. Please use the following space to give feedback, ask questions, or provide concerns you feel would allow us to better serve you and other patients

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