Introduction and explanation

I am a psychologist and a person trained in administering the Prepare-Enrich survey.

In light of the recent changes to Australian marriage law, I am proposing to run for a small group of five (5) or six (6) Same-Sex couples, a group administration of the “Lite” version of the Prepare-Enrich marriage enhancement program.

The survey is intended for use with both Opposite and Same-Sex couples to enhance and improve as well as strengthening the relationship between the two halves of the couple.

The survey is for both relatively new as well as long established couples.

It is often used as part of Marriage preparation.

The publishers say it has been used by over 2.5 million couples.

This involves both halves of the couple completing an online questionnaire, before (in this case) attending a seminar to discuss in general terms, the findings and sorts of issues covered.

The survey has been published, refined and used for over three decades. Further information on the program can be found at

From the preliminary costings I’ve done so far, I expect the total cost per couple will be about $250 per couple – A small investment in your future together.

(Compare this to the cost of a wedding or a divorce!)

Please feel free to contact me via email at if you have any further questions.  Alternatively keep an eye out on my webpages or the "Issues we deal with"" with page on my Life Resolutions Huntingdale website.

Thank you for your interest and participation.

Colin Longworth - Psychologist & Prepare-Enrich Facilitator.

Question Title

* 1. Do you think you would be interested in paying to complete this survey and attend a seminar and discuss some of the general issues raised (individual results will not be discussed - but e.g. "Overall results indicated a number of participants noted.........")

Question Title

* 2. Assuming you plan to legally marry, when do you think this is likely to be?

Question Title

* 3. To assist in researching a location, reasonably accessible to as many participants as possible, please advise of your postcode for both Work and Home. (If you are not in the workforce, please just list your postcode at home.)

Question Title

* 4. When would you prefer for the seminar to be held?

Question Title

* 5. How long have you two been together?  (This and the next 2 questions will allow me to compare these answers with Australian Bureau of Statistics figures.)

Question Title

* 6. Would you say this is your first significant relationship, either same or opposite sex?

Question Title

* 7. Do you and or your have any children either from this or previous relationships?

Question Title

* 8. What is your gender?