1. Feedback Survey: Self-paced learner (No facilitation)

Intel(R) Teach Elements: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Course includes five modules of interactive e-learning lessons with additional Your Turn activities to apply the learning in an action plan for project-based learning in your classroom.

* 1. How did you access this online course?

* 2. If you did not take the course on CD or from an Intel website, from which website did you access the course?

* 3. How many modules and lessons of the Collaboration in the Digital Classroom course did you complete?

* 4. Did you find the e-learning course useful?

* 5. How useful was each of the following components of the training in helping you learn how to apply ICT integration and project-based learning?

  Not useful Somewhat useful Moderately useful Very useful
Module 1: Collaborative Classrooms
Module 2: Framework for Digital Collaboration
Module 3: Tools of Collaboration
Module 4: Collaboration Strategies
Module 5: Collaborative Classroom Management

* 6. How many of the Your Turn action plan activities did you complete?

* 7. Did you find the Your Turn action plan activities useful?

* 8. Did the level of detail meet your needs?

* 9. Will the ideas and skills you learned from the Intel Teach Elements - Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Course training help you effectively plan, develop, and manage collaboration activities that integrate online collaborative tools?

* 10. How comfortable are you in implementing the strategies and methods discussed in the Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Course?

* 11. Are you located in Malaysia?

* 12. Under what category do you belong to?

* 13. How many years of teaching experience do you have?

* 14. What subjects do you teach mainly at present?

* 15. In your school where do you have access to computers?

* 16. How many computers are in your classroom?

* 17. How easy or difficult is it to schedule time in the computer lab/media center?

* 18. Would you recommend this course to a friend or colleague?

* 19. What was successful for this format?

* 20. What were the challenges with this format?

* 21. What suggestions for improvement do you have?

* 22. What other topics would you like to see covered in a course like this?

* 23. Would you like to be contacted when future Elements courses become available?

Thank you for your time and valuable feedback.