* 1. Do you currently take group fitness classes at Valparaiso University?

* 2. What are the best times to provide group fitness classes?

* 3. How satisfied are you with the following aspects of Valparaiso University's Group Fitness program?

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied N/A
Type of Classes Offered
Variety Offered
Schedule: Time/Days
Price of Classes

* 4. What type of classes would you like to see more of?

* 5. What days and times would you like to see more classes?

* 6. Class participation is currently on a "first come, first served" basis? How do you like the current system?

* 7. Which location do you prefer for group fitness classes?

* 8. Please leave any comments to help us better the Valparaiso University's Group Fitness program.