King County Medical Society is hosting its 1st Annual Awards event to recognize the outstanding contributions of physicians and legislators throughout King County, members or not. Please use this survey to nominate these individuals so that they may be reviewed by the selection committee. 

The awards are as follows:
     I.            Lifetime Achievement Award 
Purpose: The award honors outstanding individuals who have demonstrated career-long service to patients and has promoted the highest ideals and standards of medical practice.

    II.            Leadership Award 
Purpose: The award honors physicians who serve as clinical role models, teachers, highly accomplished professional leaders and sources of inspiration for physicians who work with and for them.

    III.            Legislative Advocacy Award 
Purpose: This award recognizes legislators who consistently advocate for the improvement of the medical profession, promote the service of physicians and advocate for the highest ideals and standards of medical care.

    IV.            Reducing Health Disparities Award 
Purpose: The award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to reducing health disparities due to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, education, disability, geographic location, sexual orientation, and other determinants. 

     V.            Teaching/Mentor Award 
Purpose:  Recognizes physicians who have been practicing for 20 years and take steps to mentor and teach medical students, early-career physicians and/or other individuals in the medical field.

    VI.           Covid-19 Leadership Award
Purpose: This award recognizes a physician who has worked tirelessly to exemplify leadership, promote health equity, and serve and protect their communities during uncertainty of the Covid-19 Pandemic.