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* 1. Do you regularly attend a local church?

* 2. Have you ever heard of the 10/40 window before?

* 3. If yes, how would you describe the 10/40 window?

* 4. Does your church support missionaries?

* 5. If yes, what countries do you know of where your church supports missionaries?

* 6. How informed are you of unreached people in the world who have yet to hear the gospel?

* 7. In your estimation, how much of your churches budget do you believe goes towards missions?

* 8. In your estimation, how much of your churches budget goes towards reaching the unreached with the gospel?

* 9. Have you ever given money to an organization who focuses on reaching unreached people groups in the world with the gospel?

* 10. How would you rank these issues as important to you:

  First Second Third Forth Fifth Sixth
Feeding the starving in the world
Finding a cure to AIDS
Find a cure to breast cancer
Fighting against human trafficking
Reaching the unreached with the gospel
Growth of the local church