An agreed set of principles and a clear purpose for the Meath PPPN will help ensure that it operates in a way which is useful and relevant for its members and supports the participation and representation of communities in decision-making within Meath.

The set of principles contained in this draft Framework is taken from the 2020 PPN Handbook published by the Department of Rural & Community Development (available here).

The principles and values contained in the draft Framework will help shape the development of governance systems within the Meath PPN so that network achieves its purpose for its members.

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Cooperation & Collaboration
  • To support member groups to work together in common cause and for common goals
  • To support cooperation and coordination of work and activity within the network
  • To support members to communicate and network with each other

Build capacity
  • To support groups to grow and develop through training
  • To support members to participate and take part in the PPN
  • To share learning and experience amongst members

  • To support participation and representation of communities in a fair, equitable and  transparent way
  • To give voice to community needs and priorities  in relation to decision making in Meath 
  • To establish clear lines of accountability and mandate for representatives of the PPN

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  • Meath PPN will be inclusive of all volunteer-led groups in Meath
  • Meath PPN will actively look to include groups that might not otherwise be included or who might not often have their voice heard.

Participatory, open, welcoming, respectful
  • Meath PPN members are willing to work together and are supportive of each other.
  • The Meath PPN will encourage participation by Member Groups in all of its work.
  • The Meath PPN will support clear and effective communications to and from all Member Groups.
  • The Meath PPN will support new Member Groups, and Member Groups who might not have a lot of experience.

  • The Meath PPN is independent in its work from the Meath County Council and of any special interests

Valuing of Diversity
  • Meath PPN recognise that the network is  made up of people and Member Groups that have a wide range of different views, experiences and opinions.
  • Meath PPN will feed into local government decision-making with the whole range of views from its Member Groups and their Colleges.

  • Meath PPN will be transparent in everything that it does  and will communicate openly, regularly and clearly with all Member Groups.

  • Meath PPN will be accountable to its Member Groups by putting good governance policies and procedures in place.
  • This means that all representatives of the Meath PPN are accountable and must report to the PPN as a whole.

Equality of Members Groups
  • Meath PPN will deliver on these principles and values because all Member Group are equal. No single voice or group of voices will control the Meath PPN.

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