A Short Survey About Accelowait's Value to You

This very brief survey is intended to give Accelowait's developers and amusement park/festival operators an estimate of the value of Accelowait to their guests.

Briefly, here is how Accelowait works.  When you buy a standard venue admission ticket, you automatically get one Accelowait electronic "Buddy"; every guest gets one Buddy.  You can use the free Accelowait app to send your Buddy to wait in a special virtual queue, or electronic waiting line, of Buddies seeking access to a particular one of the venue's most popular attractions.  When your Buddy gets near the front of that queue, you receive a notification on your mobile device that your Buddy is eligible to be "met" there.  Any time from then until venue closing, you can visit that attraction, meet your eligible Buddy, and enter the attraction with a very short physical wait.  After you've met your Buddy at that attraction, you may then send your Buddy to wait for you again either at the same attraction or at another one.

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* 1. Given the value of Accelowait to you and the other guests, the venue operator might decide to raise the price of admission by a nominal amount.  What is a fair amount (in US dollars) to be added to the standard venue admission price so every guest can use Accelowait with one Buddy?  (A current typical admission price to the sorts of venues we're considering may be $25-$100 per day.)

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* 2. Suppose you had the option to purchase a second Accelowait Buddy for the day, so you could have two Buddies waiting in lines for you at different attractions, rather than just the one Buddy mentioned above.  How much (in US dollars) would you be willing to pay, above the cost of a standard venue admission ticket, for this option?

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* 3. How did you learn about this survey?