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Thank you for coming over and giving us your feedback, insight and desires on how we can best move forward with our Self Love Community of teachers!

Whether we call it the Alliance, Collective or Circle, we know that we feel the call to bring more Self Love Medicine out into the world and we need you to make that happen.

This survey is our inquiry to find out if this interests you and if so, what support and desires you have to bring the Self Love Medicine into the world. We'll also be asking you to join us for Self Love Day (2/13) by creating your own Self Love Day event held any time in February with one or more people.

THANK YOU for helping us make a difference in the lives of others!


Christine, Lea, Stacey & Tarja

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* 1. Which Self Love Training did you complete or participate in? (click all that apply)

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* 2. How are you currently using the Self Love Medicine and Tools?
Please share in whatever ways professionally or personally

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* 3. Does being a part of an Alliance (Collective) interest you?

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* 4. As part of the Alliance, we'd love to support you and have you hold a Self Love Circle in the Month of February for Self Love Day (2/13).

Note this does not need to be on February 13th. 

Please let us know what you might want to do.
(Check all boxes that apply)


Each year we are considering having a focus for the year that we collectively support. This year, for 2020, our desire is to really focus on our young women and girls. Not on our watch (#notonourwatch) keeps coming to us and we're really feeling the importance of teaching our young women how to make better choices, especially around their bodies, life-partners, careers and motherhood.

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* 5. TOPICS:

We are considering some of these different areas to focus on as the collective, please let us know what interests you most, or give other suggestions.

  Not of Interest or relevance Some interest and relevance Very interested and relevant 
Mothers & Daughters - Mothers doing the work and sharing / teaching their daughters
Mothers & Granddaughters – Having a multi-generational workshop or class
Relationships – Going deeper into relationships for young women/girls and who they share their life with, babies, and bodies.
Inner Critic + Intuition – Teaching young women/girls how to work with these two parts to strengthen self-compassion + self-trust
Young Women's Circle – creating stronger connections with girls and how to teach them to be in community in healthy ways
Heart Art Focus - creating art specific around a topic with young women and girls

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* 6. We are considering creating something together as a collective that we would offer to our community.

  Not really interested Some interest Yes interested!
A Journal - For Young Women and Girls
A Calendar  – For Young Women and Girls
A Short book of stories – To inspire, share and connect Young Women + Girls to others
Inspirational Quotes - A card deck we would all contribute toward
Collective Art Piece - this might be a mural, collage or some sort of Art book
As we deepen the Self-Love Medicine in the world, we are more aware now then ever, the importance with linking hands, hearts and communities together.

One of the ways to amplify and grow this work is by having a bigger reach with other organizations to reach women and girls – we’ve talked to Girls Scouts and Girls, Inc.

What other organizations do you have connections with that you think would be a good fit.

Please let us know below if there are other people, organizations, businesses and communities you think would be good for us to connect with.

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* 7. Organizations, companies, youth leadership groups, women's communities, or any others you can think of and if you have some ideas, please list the name, location and how to best make the connection.

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* 8. We’d like to be able to give scholarships to under resourced women who want to take the self-love medicine or the item we create into their communities.

Is that something you’d be interested in supporting or do you have other ideas on how best to implement this support?

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* 9. Is there any other way that the Path of Self Love School can support you?

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* 10. Please let us know if there is anything else you'd like to share at this time

THANK YOU for creating the space to share your thoughts with us. If you decide to participate in creating a Self Love Circle in 2020 and are interested in the Alliance (Collective), we'll make sure to share more details.

We're asking that you add your name and email below so that we can easily identify who you are :)

If there is interest in forming an Alliance we will hold a circle in January to gather us for next steps pertaining to your Self Love Circle.

Thank you for being a part of this movement, in whatever way you're feeling it!

Christine, Lea, Stacey & Tarja

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* 11. Your Contact Information

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