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What is a MakerSpace? A MakerSpace is a collaborative space where people gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones, and share ideas. The Flower Memorial Library would like to add a MakerSpace to our library for public use. Please fill out this brief questionnaire to help us better understand what the community would like to see and use in our space.

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* 1. iPads for Youth Patrons

One idea for the MakerSpace is to provide iPads for our youth patrons. These iPads will have Internet access as well as pre-installed apps. Some of the apps will be education-based to focus on STEAM subjects and other academic subjects. The educational apps include but are not limited to Bedtime Math, PBS Kids Games, Khan Academy Kids, YouTube Kids, and MentalUP. In addition, there will be DIY apps to focus on boosting your children’s creativity and individuality. The creativity apps include but are not limited to Toontastic, Magic Piano, Coosi Box: Creative Drawing, Let’s Create: Pottery, and Story Dice – Story Telling. The goal of these iPads would be to support your children’s skills, abilities, and way of thinking in multiple aspects. iPads will be updated with new apps and software as needed as time progresses.
Would you or your family use this technology if it were offered? Why or why not?

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* 2. Audio Equipment

Another idea for the MakerSpace is to provide audio equipment for recording podcasts, music, oral histories, etc. We will provide a computer to store and edit the recorded audio, a microphone and mic stand, and headphones. On the computer there will be recording and editing software including Audacity, QuickTime, Adobe Audition, and GarageBand. Computers and other equipment will be updated as needed as time progresses. Reservations can be made to ensure a quiet area for your recording. After each session, the computer will be wiped of any recordings and edits to ensure patron privacy. Would you or your family use this technology if it were offered? Why or why not?

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* 3. Video Conversion

Staff are considering including equipment to assist the community in converting memories currently stored in media formats that are no longer supported by today’s technology. The most common form that deteriorates with time is the VHS cassette whose magnetic tape will decay leading to the video being lost forever. Conversion to digital format would allow for current preservation and work to future-proof the content stored in their personal cloud or on a portable hard drive. Would you or your family use this technology if it were offered? Why or why not?

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* 4. Smart Board

Staff are also investigating the addition of a Smart Board to the MakerSpace. A Smart Board is a large, interactive, digital white board that allows users to work collaboratively in a classroom setting. Smart Boards are more than just large projector or TV screens because you can use them like you would a touch screen computer monitor, allowing for the use of engaging apps or demonstrations during library events. Smart Boards will also allow users to view movies or videos, presentations, and virtual meetings, making their addition to the space useful on many diverse levels. Would you or your family use this technology if it were offered? Why or why not?
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* 5. Software and Apps for Computers

When the MakerSpace is created, staff plan to upgrade the computers available in the Reference Area as well. This means that each workstation will receive new hardware (computer tower, monitor, keyboard, and mouse) as well as the software or apps to go with them. The list of software or apps that will be available on these new computers includes:

·       Microsoft Office software (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word) – allows the users to create and edit spreadsheets, presentations, flyers, and documents

·       Adobe Acrobat – allows the users to edit, sign, combine, and organize pages of PDFs

·       Adobe Photoshop – allows users to edit photos in several different ways
Would you or your family use this software if it were offered? Why or why not?

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* 6. STEAM Kits

Staff also intend to include STEAM kits in the new MakerSpace for use by patrons during open lab times and programs. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math and STEAM kits are essentially kits that have all the necessary materials for an activity or lesson that teaches a STEAM principle. STEAM kits are highly versatile and allow learners to learn hands on and with little to no stress! Some of the kits we may choose to include are: Wonderosity kits, KEVA building kits, Rigamajig builder kits, Strawbees, Let’s Go Code activity kits for younger children, Squishy Circuits to blend art and science, and more. Would you or your family use these kits if they were offered? Why or why not?

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* 7. 3D Printer

No MakerSpace is complete without a 3D printer. Staff are investigating the addition of a 3D printer for patron and program use that can withstand heavy usage. 3D printers can be used to create anything from replacement parts for board games to miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons to one-of-a-kind designs and inventions. Patrons will be able to use programs such as Maker’s Empire and Tinkercad to create a 3D design under staff direction, during STEAM camps, or even use premade designs to familiarize themselves with 3D printing or learn the elements of 3D design.  Procedures will be created for drop-in and reserved use of the 3D printer and related software. Below are 2 leading examples of 3D printers that could become part of the MakerSpace and an example of some of the premade designs available at a public library similar in size to our own. Would you or your family use this technology if it were offered? Why or why not?

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* 8. Desktop Cutting Machine

Cutting machines have been used often by library staff during programming for the past 5+ years.  One idea for the MakerSpace is to include the two most popular personal cutting machines – Cricut and Silhouette Cameo – along with their required computer equipment. The popularity of these devices has steadily increased for the past decade but involves an initial investment that may put them out of reach for community members to personally own.  Their inclusion in the MakerSpace would encourage creativity as they can be used by patrons to make items for themselves, to give as gifts, or foster their entrepreneurial spirit.  The versatility to cut through a variety of materials such as vinyl, paper, fabric, leather and more would allow for creating home décor, cardmaking, earrings, and complement our existing sewing machines to name a few uses. Would you or your family use this technology if it were offered? Why or why not?

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* 9. Learning and Instruction Kitchen

A MakerSpace Kitchen provides opportunities for patrons to learn how to prepare delicious food and to learn new culinary skills and techniques. Classes would include proper kitchen hygiene, equipment safety, cooking lessons, following recipes, mathematics (measurements, fractions, and financial concepts), healthy eating, menu preparation, etc. Would you or your family participate in using the MakerSpace Kitchen if it were offered? Why or why not?

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* 10. Do you have any other thoughts or ideas for a Library MakerSpace? Do you have any questions for us?

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