Choose your Creative U roomies! Cabins are all shared, most will be assigned 5-7 students, but may hold up to 12 if requested. Use this form to request your roommate choices and any special needs. For simplicity, one response from a single group is acceptable, there is no need for every student to fill out this form.

* 1. Your name (first and last):

* 2. Who do you want in your room? (choose 1 or more friends)

* 3. Are you a first-time student at CU? If you have no roomie requests, check here and I will make sure you are placed with other newbies!

* 4. Everyone needs their beauty sleep at CU! Respect the "Snoring Policy." If you are a VERY noisy sleeper (constant and/or very loud snoring or CPAP machines), there are cabins reserved for those who would otherwise disturb their roommates' sleep. If your spouse or family have been kept awake or complained about your loud snoring, you can avoid embarassment and grumpy roommates by checking the "noisy sleeper" box below. Your privacy is respected and noisy sleeper cabins are not marked as such.

If you are the friend of a noisy sleeper and still want to room with them, please indicate. Know that if you choose to room with a noisy sleeper, you may have other noisy sleepers in your cabin as well.

* 5. Physical limitations? Special requests? Let me know!

* 6. Additional comments or questions: