The planning committee is interested in your thoughts regarding the recent OLITA Digital Odyssey - Going Mobile! This quick survey will take about 5 minutes of your time.

* 1. Is this the first time you have attended an OLITA Digital Odyssey Workshop?

* 2. Based on your experience at Digital Odyssey 2010, would you attend future Odysseys?

* 3. Please rate Digital Odyssey 2010 (Going Mobile!)

* 4. What was the most valuable aspect of this year's event for you?

* 5. Please rate the location.

* 6. Please rate the refreshments.

* 7. What would you change to make the event more effective?

* 8. Were the appropriate accommodations in place to meet your needs?

* 9. Please rate each session.

  Outstanding Above Average Average Below Average N/A
Keynote Speaker (Jason Griffey)
GPS (David Sharp, MJ Suhonos)
Ebooks (Dan D’Agostino, Joanne Lombardo)
Experiences with Mobile Services (Graham McCarthy)
Mobile Audio (James Mason)
Augmented Reality (Fiacre O’Duinn)
Reference From the Street (Brandon Weigel)
QR Codes (Sally Wilson)
Designing for Mobile (Amanda Etches-Johnson)

* 10. General comments regarding any aspect of the day:

* 11. Are there any themes or topics you would like to see covered in future Digital Odyssey workshops?