Imvelisi - Developing Enviropreneurs

Welcome to the application portal for Imvelisi, a partnership initiative between GreenMatter and the Young Water Professionals Network (YWP-ZA). This programme funded by the Department of Science and Innovation is intended to be an ideation process to help you explore your business concept in more depth.
Read about 39 exciting business opportunities for youths in the Green Economy that have been carefully researched by downloading the following document as a guide to Business Opportunities for Environmental Entrepreneurs:
Imvelisi Business Opportunity Guide - This should only be used as a guide to enrich your idea, and select a relevant area of business.

This 5 weeks online Bootcamp is about finding out if entrepreneurship is for you, unpacking your ideas, exploring the alignment of your ideas to national priorities, learning how to assess market potential, understanding the funding and partnership landscape that will be important to take your ideas forward, networking with entrepreneurs in this space and practising your pitching skills in a Shark Tank simulation session.

If this would add value to your professional development and help to propel you to the next step towards “Enviropreneurship”, please don’t hesitate to apply! We are looking for 50 of the brightest, most inspired, and energetic young people to go on this journey with us.

The application form requires a combination of demographic information and questions that will give us insight into who you are and how innovative your business idea is in relation to natural resource management, climate change, food security, water security and social innovation. The information you provide will be for assessment and planning purposes only and will not be utilised outside of this purpose.
The closing date is 28 SEPTEMBER 2020. We suggest that you undertake the application in one sitting to ensure that it is completed with minimal system errors.

PLEASE NOTE*Data to access the online training will be provided, as well as ongoing business mentoring support.

*Please ensure that you answer all of the questions, on all 4 pages, unanswered questions will result in your application being discarded and not being considered*