Hilton Parma Drug Intervention Community Education (HPDICE) have partnered with Drug Free Action Alliance who has developed Parents Who Host, Lose The Most: Don’t be a party to teenage drinking to provide parents with accurate information about the health and safety risks associated with underage drinking and the legal consequences of providing alcohol to minors. Underage drinking increases during celebratory times, such as homecoming, Prom, holidays and graduation and the program encourages parents and the community to send a unified message that teen alcohol consumption is not acceptable.
Bottom Line: It is illegal, unsafe, and unhealthy for anyone under age 21 to drink alcohol.


Here are the facts:

-  There are many health-related consequences of youth consuming alcohol including negative effects on brain development, deviant behavior including stealing and skipping school and a greater risk of becoming alcohol-dependant later in life

-  Parents who give alcohol to their teen’s friends under any circumstances, even in their own homes, are breaking the law

-  Parents who knowingly allow a person under 21 to remain in their home or on their property while consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages can be prosecuted

-  Parents can be sued if they allow anyone under 21 to consume alcohol and they, in turn, hurt someone or damage property

* 1. I will not purchase, serve or allow the consumption of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

* 2. I will ensure that youth and adults understand that no alcohol is to be served, purchased or consumed for or by youth at parties or events held at our home, business or public event attended by someone under the age of 21

* 3. I will ensure underage parties held at my home, business or at a public location are properly supervised by myself or another responsible adult.

* 4. I understand the harm that alcohol can be for youth under the age of 21 and will do my best to share that message within my community.

* 5. I will not allow children or their friends to possess or consume alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on my property.

* 6. You may display my name for other parents or caregivers to view my pledge to keep our children safe.

* 7. Yes! I would like a pledge sticker to post. Please mail my Pledge Sticker to:

* 8. I would like more information about HPDICE (www.hpdice.org), the community coalition and how I may get involved in helping to keep our kids safe and healthy. Please contact me at the number and times below.