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Please enter your contact information below to RSVP for Post Measurements. I'll reply a couple days prior to measurements with your official time slot. The measurements are performed privately and last roughly 4minutes.

Please remember to dress in clothes you'd like to be weighed and photographed in.

Also, to do these things the night before.

1. Get 7+ hours of sleep both Thursday and Friday night to reduce stress and allow your body to rest so it can give you the best results.
2. Get 1 last workout in Friday afternoon / evening.
3. No splurge meals on Thursday or Friday.
4. No starches Friday night, preferably all day Friday.
5. Do eat lots of vegetables with every meal on Thursday and Friday. Green is great!
6. Morning of: remember to use the bathroom prior to measurements and wait on breakfast until after your measured.
7. If testing bring yogurt and berries, a gatorade, coffee, deli meat and orange and/or a protein + carb shake (frozen berries and pasteurized egg whites or protein powder) with you to consume after measurements.
6. Plan a post measurement splurge meal if you want to celebrate your discipline and results. Don't go to crazy or you'll set yourself back.

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