1. Organizing Survey

* 1. What is it about being organized that appeals to you?

* 2. Approximately how much time do you think gets wasted each day at work and at home because you or others around you are not organized?

* 3. If you had to change one thing, at home or in the office, what would that be?

* 4. The cost of organizing can vary depending on how much time is required to do the work and what may be needed in order to find that "Space" for what you keep. When it comes to the hands on organizing the costs can be offset by doing much of the work yourself under the direction of your personal organizer. With this in mind, approximately what would your budget look like if you decided to make getting organized a priority at work and or at home?

* 5. Thinking about an organizing dilemma that you might have and giving that you would be able to devote all your time to this project on your own, how many hours do you feel would be required to get the results you would be looking for?

* 6. Everyone is an individual with different values and needs, if you haven’t already considered hiring an organizer what would you be looking for in the person or organization? (Please rate the following according to how important you feel they are for you personally.)

  Very important Important Somewhat important Not that important
Value for money
Response Time

* 7. If you have hired a Professional Organizer Previously, What did you enjoy about the experience?

* 8. If you are in the Carleton Place, Lanark County and surrounding area and want to be contacted regarding your survey responses, please add your details here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.