Making Theological Education Accessible, Achievable, and Affordable

The Reverend Charlie E and Cinderella S Taylor Sr Foundation in a collaborative partnership with Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS) are pleased to announce their commitment to cover 80% of the tuition costs of accredited theological education for the first cohort of 20-students.    

Apply today: Deadline June 12, 2019 (Check Ministerial Stipend)

Courses are hybrid 80% are self-paced online and 20% require a once per year attendance at one of ATS five campuses. Minimum course load is 12-credit hours per year (e.g. 2 courses per semester (Fall 2 (6hrs); Spring 2 (6hrs).  Students have the optional of earning additional credit during the Summer 2 (6hrs)) for all Master of Arts degrees).

PLEASE INVEST TWO MINUTE OF YOUR TIME TO COMPLETE THIS SURVEY - Your response will have an eternal impact on the faith development of individuals, communities, and world.

Matching Grants and Scholarships will be awarded to cover 80% of the cost, along with the assignment of a Spiritual Life Coach (Mentor) for the first 20-best qualified prospective candidates who apply through this office on or before June 12, 2019.

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* 1. LINKAGE: Do you know of persons between ages 18-38 who have accepted or discerning the call of God to ministry or are within the first five years of pastoring?

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* 2. ABILITY: Does the person(s) you know have an accredited bachelor level degree and the academic discipline to complete a rigorous online accredited master degree in theology with a concentration in either: Church Leadership, Christian Ministry, Intercultural Church Planting, Pastoral Care and Counseling, or Divinity from a SACSCOC/ATS accredited seminary?

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* 3. INTEREST:  If you answered YES to these questions, are you willing to personally ask the individual(s) to contact the Office of Clergy and Congregational Development at or provide below the prospective candidate’s contact information by May 31, 2019?

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* 4. NAME(s), E-MAIL ADDRESS(s), and PHONE(s) of prospective young adult discerning or accepting the call to ministry?

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