Section #1 About Our Church

Our parish is conducting a parish-wide survey. Each parishioner's voice matters and we greatly value your input on the following categories: Communication, Hospitality, Stewardship, Evangelization, Formation of Adults, Children, and Teens, the Faith Life of our Family and the Future of our Parish. Help shape the future of your Parish by taking 10 to 15 minutes to complete the survey. You can also access our survey online at Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

* 1. Please rate your experience with our parish staff as (Select all that apply):

  Welcoming Knowledgeable Helpful None of the Above No experience
Parish Office Staff
Ministry Staff
Maintenance & Facilities Staff

* 2. What is your opinion/evaluation of your church in the following areas?

  This area needs work This area is good as is
Physical Church Building
Seating in the Church
Handicap Parking
The Landscaping & Grounds

* 3. What brought you to this Parish? (choose 3)

* 4. What has continued to interest you at this parish? (choose up to 3)

* 5. What is your opinion regarding these statements about the life of our parish?

  Agree Disagree No Opinion
I can state the parish mission.
My parish has asked me how I can contribute to our parish mission.
Our parish is effective in communicating our mission.
Our parish is welcoming to visitors and new church members.
Our parish cares about its members.
This is a place where my family belongs and we want to become more involved.
We make efforts to reach out to non-practicing Catholics and those who have left the parish.

* 6. What Mass do you typically attend?

* 7. Why?

* 8. Please indicate your experience with the following areas related to Mass.

  All of the time Most of the time Some of the time Never
Sunday Mass is a good experience.
When I attend Mass, I experience a sense of welcoming and hospitality.
Homilies are directly related to Scripture.
Homilies are directly related to me and my real life experiences.
The quality of the music, including instruments, musicians, and hymn selections enables the congregation to participate.
The audio system (speakers/mics) our church has makes it easy for the congregation to follow and understand what is happening during the Liturgy.
Our parish offers sufficient opportunities for me to pray outside of Mass.
Our parish offers sufficient times for Confession.

* 9. Is Father available for help when you are in need?