The Latina Commission is asking its HNBA female members to complete this short survey to enable the Speakers and Programs Committee to create an easy to access database of Latina lawyers interested in taking advantage of speaking opportunities with the HNBA and organizations working with the HNBA.

* 1. Contact Information (all fields must be filled out):

* 2. How many years have you been a practicing attorney?

* 3. Please select all the positions you have held during your legal career:

* 4. Select general area(s) of expertise.

* 5. Educational Affiliations:

* 6. Please list your speaking engagements and/or publications in the past five years. If you have more than five engagements or publications, please select the top five that you would like to have added to our database:

* 7. Please select and rank your speaking preferences, with (1) indicating the most desirable option

* 8. Are you able/willing to travel to speak?

* 9. Please list the topics/subject areas you would like to speak about. Please limit your answer to three topics.

* 10. I hereby grant permission to the HNBA Latina Commission Speakers and Programs Committee to share my survey responses to HNBA members seeking speakers or moderators.