PICCA and Ohio Department of Transportation, are committed to assisting residents in finding ways to meet their transportation needs, providing and coordinating the solutions needed to get people where they need to go. Today individuals, families, students, the elderly, people with disabilities and their caregivers are all finding it more difficult to find a convenient and affordable way of getting to work, shopping, school, medical care or anyplace else they need to go.  Mobility Management coordinates information and services of transportation providers from both the public and private sector and explores new opportunities to improve transportation options that will make life easier for the resident of Circleville and Pickaway County.
     Although Mobility Managers do not physically provide transportation, they help individuals seek solutions to their particular transportation situations.    Age, illness, injury, and handicaps, can bring about transportation challenges that makes it hard to get to where we need or want to go.   For many mobility is the key for being able to remain in our own home and improves their quality of life for all.      

* 1. Does your household currently own or have access to a reliable car, truck or van?

* 2. What is the main method of transportation in your household?    (Choose only one answer)

* 3. Mark ALL of the types of transportation you or your family have used during the past 12 months to travel to work, appointments, shopping, social activities, etc...(check all that apply)

* 4. What changes could be made to your local transportation options to make using them more appealing to you?          (select all that apply)

* 5. If public transportation was easy to use and available to you and/or your family, which of the following would encourage you to use the service?   (please select all that apply)

* 6. Which of the following are your most commonly visited destinations or places you most often need to visit when transportation is available to you?      (select up 4 destinations)

* 7. What City & Town are the destinations you regularly travel to located in?

  Circleville Ashville Columbus Chillicothe Lancaster Other
My Employer / Job
Hospitals or Clinic
Medical / Dental Offices / Physical Therapy / Rehab / Dialysis, etc...
Shopping / Grocery / Pharmacy
School or Training
Senior Program or Appoinments
Social / Recreation / Parks
Church / Faith-Based Organizations and Activities

* 8. When do you need transportation most often for each of the following general purposes?  (select all that apply)
     - - If you use a personal car, truck or van to travel to these destinations  skip this question - -

  Employment / Job Medical / Health Care Grocery / Food General Shopping Recreation / Social Other
Midnight - 6am
6 am - 8am
8am - Noon
Noon - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6p - 9pm
9pm - Midnight

* 9. Do you or family members need transportation to destinations outside of Pickaway County?
         - - If you use your personal car, truck or van  for transportation skip this question - -

* 10. What age group are you currently in?

* 11. Do you have or would you qualify for a state issued handicapped parking placard / permit?

* 12. Do you use a walker, wheelchair, power scooter or another device to help you get around?

* 13. Is English your first language?

* 14. What city/town do you live in (or what is the nearest city or town to your home)?

* 15. What County do you live in?

* 16. Which of the following BEST applies to you?  Are you presently:

* 17. If you work outside the home, who is your employer?

* 18. What City/Town or County is your employer located?

* 19. Are you or a family member currently using any transportation services that are available to you through the Medicaid program?   (This would include NET rides through Medicaid Insurers, JFS and rides through PCDD Board)

* 20. Are you or any household members currently disabled and receive Social Security Disability,  Veterans Disability, or Workman's Compensation or other type of disability benefits?

* 21. Which of the following transportation providers listed below do you or anyone in your household use.  (Check all that apply)

* 22. What do you see as the biggest unmet need in Pickaway County concering transportation or transit options?

* 23. Do you have any other comments or concerns reguarding transportation in Pickaway County ?

* 24. What is your Email address?  This will help us to keep you  informed & updated about the Coordinated Plan and public meetings.

* 25. Would you like more information about the Coordinated Transportation Plan or upcoming Public Transportation Meetings ?

* 26. Please provide your Contact Information see we can respond to your concerns and questions.