If you have more than one child in the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools system, please fill out this short survey for one child at a time. 

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* 1. My child is in Grade:

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* 3. In September 2018, NLPS began participating in a Province-wide Reporting Pilot that requires the use of a proficiency scale from Grades K-9.  The pilot requires every school district to gather parent feedback.

How have you received information about the reporting changes? (check all that apply)

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* 4. Informal communications such as report cards, work sent home, Freshgrade,MyEdBC, emails, phone calls and in-person conferences are used to inform you about your child's learning. Please comment on the quality and quantity on the information you have received.

I have received information on my child's progress.  


  Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree
Quality (feedback that is descriptive, accurate and personalized)

Quantity (timely)

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* 5. One of the focus areas for our new reporting process is to identify next steps for growth in learning.

I have a clear sense of what my child is working on to move forward in their learning.

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* 6. I understand the language on the proficiency scale and what it indicates about my child's progress.


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* 7. Communication, personal/social responsibility and critical/creative thinking are skills that are now expected to be developed K-12.  

This year, students began to reflect on these skills.  

I notice my child makes connections in their learning to these skills. (Core Competencies).

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* 8. We have changed our reporting practices to include descriptive feedback and a proficiency scale to promote growth in learning.

What more can the school district do to support parents through this change?

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