In the great pantheon of movie monsters, there are few so persistent as the zombie. In the 77 years since their introduction into film, well over 300 movies have been produced about zombies and of that number nearly a third were produced in the last decade. This survey was designed as preliminary field research for a study examining the historical context for the evolution of the Zombie Archetype in film based on three essential movements in the genre (Voodoo, Romero, and Modern) with the goal of better understanding the role of the genre in society. Please feel free to comment below on how this survey might be improved.

* 1. How would you define a Zombie?

* 2. About how many zombie movies do you think you have watched in your life time?

* 3. From what era do the majority of the zombie movies you have seen come from?

* 4. What appeals to you most about zombie movies?

* 5. When choosing a Zombie movie you look for movies that are...

  Never Sometimes Often Always
Biting social commentary
Blood brains and guts covering every inch of the screen at all times!

* 6. Over all, do you feel that zombie movies play a positive or negative role in society? Please explain your answer.

* 7. What is your favorite kind of Zombie?