* 1. What were the highlights of your trip? (check all that apply)

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree N/A
Relationship with site family
Visit to Outreach Clinic
Visit with previous site build families and tour of Belize City
Learning new skills
Forming new friendships
Meet scholarship students and hearing their stories
Excursion trip to Mayan Ruins
Excursion trip to Caye Caulker
Learn Local history with the Garifuna Dancers

* 2. Tell us about your immersion trip experience

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree N/A
I now have a better understanding of the Belizean Culture
I felt the length of time on the worksite was appropriate
The pre-trip meetings and materials helped prepare me for the trip
I felt empowered by the work site leadership
The orientation upon arrival at the Starfish House made me feel welcome and safe
The cleanliness and accommodations at the Starfish House were acceptable
I enjoyed the meals at the Starfish House
Adequate time was given for group reflection
The trip was fairly priced

* 3. Please specify trip dates

* 4. Share you favorite story or moment from the trip

* 5. Recommendations for improving the immersion trip experience

* 6. How can we help you stay involved? (check all that apply)  Please provide contact information below

* 7. Contact Information:  If you would like to Hand in Hand to help you stay involved or contact you, please leave your name below.