Hello! Thank you for taking a minute on this survey. There are only 10 questions.

This will help us at the Prison Phoenix Trust have more accurate records and a clearer picture of yoga classes in prisons, IRCs, bail hostels and secure hospitals, as we talk with prison governors and with funders. It is also important to be able to track trends. Finally, people often write to us, unaware of the class in their institution. It's great if we can tell them there's one at, say, 3:30 on Thursdays at the gym.

If you used to teach in prison or another secure setting, but don't anymore, please let us know in box 10. If you teach more than one class in prison, please complete the survey afresh for each class.

We're not wild about forms, but having accurate stats goes a long way towards helping any cause! We hope you don't find it onerous. It's very important to us. So thank you.

Question Title

* 1. What is your name and in which prison or other secure setting do you teach your class? (Please complete the survey again if you teach in more than one institution, or teach more than one class in that place.)