Thank you for your interest in volunteering on behalf of MAR members and private property ownership. Please note that since committee sizes are limited, MAR cannot guarantee appointments for all those who submit requests, but we hope to find a suitable position, based on your interest and expertise, either on a standing committee or a future task force, work group or PAG. MAR’s incoming President and President-Elect typically finalize the committees toward the end of November, at which point electronic notifications are sent to all appointed members and committee assignments are posted on Committee Descriptions and the approximate number of meetings per year are listed within the request form. Not all MAR Committees are available since the makeup of several committees are specifically determined by the MAR Bylaws. All members of MAR committees must maintain a working e-mail address as this is the primary mode of communication. PLEASE NOTE you must submit committee requests each year, even if you are currently serving on a committee. The committee request deadline is July 31st.